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Only TransFORM Your Running shows how form ties to effort level and pacing


By improving my running form to be more efficient and tweaking how to run with small changes I would have never thought to try on my own, I have improved my mile and a half time by 10% in just over 3 weeks!  Working with Coach Rickerman has been a pleasure, and the results are far better than I would have dared to hope for at the beginning–especially with such a short timeframe.  I now feel much more prepared for Officer Training School and the Air Force PT test, thanks to 5 Speed Running and Transform Your Running

Posted by: Dustin Schimp

Passed OCS Physical Fitness Test – United States Air Force

I have been a recreational runner for 16 years. My running gradually improved until I reached a plateau. I decided that I needed to run and train purposefully. I started training with Coach Rickerman in May 2006 with the goal of improving my personal records in the 5K, the 10K, half-marathon, and marathon. Since May I closely followed Coach Rickerman’s training program and improved my time in the 5K (from 22:12 to 21:42), completed my first 10K in 46:18, and improved my half-marathon time from 1:42:47 to 1:40:53. I am currently training to improve my marathon time. Coach Rickerman’s training programs are designed to improve strength and speed and as I progressed through each training program my running improved and I felt stronger and faster as evidenced by my race times. The programs are interesting such that I looked forward to each day rather than running the same boring 5-7 miles per day. I highly recommend Coach Rickerman if you are looking for interesting running workouts that will improve your running strength and speed.

Posted By: Arlene Bitmansour

Broke Through The Plateau – Recreational,Boston,MA

5Speed Running’s program tailored to my specific goals and abilities enabled me to drop 4+ minutes off my 1/2M time ( PR 1H 46M 33S) in 4 months compared to the 50 seconds drop I achieved in 2 years of self coaching prior to joining this program It has also kept me injury free which was NOT the case before. I would never go back to self coaching and highly recommend this program. Thanks coach Rickerman.

Posted By: Eric Wildi

Will Never Go Back To Self Coaching – Masters

I located 5 Speed Running by searching the internet. I started August 2008. My goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon in a race in early December. The lastMarathonI had run was 16 minutes off my 4:05 goal. I immediately enjoyed having a specific plan for each day. Instead of just running miles I had a very specific distance, pace and purpose. I had to honestly report my results, sometimes I would run for time and the mileage would be short. I could no longer do this. I found I quickly had improvement on my pace. I also liked the feedback directly from Coach Rickerman and the adjustments based on if I was too slow or too fast. In December I ran my Marathon and ran 4:03,25 and ranBostonin April 2009! I have continued to use 5 Speed Running because I now have new goals and am positive Coach Rickerman will help me reach them.

Posted By: Laura

BostonQualifier – Marathon,Los Angeles,CA

I’ve been working with Coach Rickerman for over a year now. He’s increased my distance, improved my running times and increased my overall running enjoyment with his personalized running schedules. With his expertise, I’ve trained and successfully participated in a long distance relay and am currently training for a half marathon.

I’ve been running for over 25 years, but this is the first time I have seen continued improvements in my overall performance without injury or perpetually sore muscles. My work schedule necessitates that I live in two different locations and consequently two altitudes. Coach has been able to structure a program to address these variables and help me meet my running goals.

Posted By: Deb

Continued Improvement without injury – Experienced,Columbus,MT

During my first 6 months training with Coach Ken, my 5K time has dropped by 1 min and I’ve managed to match my high school cross country PR. I’d never be able to come up with the training schedule I’ve been doing on my own nor would I stick to it as well if I hadn’t signed up with 5 speed running. Also, my research showed that 5 Speed running was the most affordable option in online training out there!

Posted By: Sarah

Matched High School Personal Record – Intermediate,Christianburg,VA

I started running in 1997 and trained for and ran marathons in 1999, 2000 (2 marathons), and 2001. I have run many 5Ks and other races along the way. I got away from training and running while we started our family (in 2002). When I made the decision to get back into running this year, I decided that I needed a coach to help guide me in my training. I didn’t want to have to think about what I was running each day…I wanted someone to spell it out for me. And I wanted to have someone to hold me accountable for my runs. :)

I searched the internet for running coaches and came across 5 Speed Running. I immediately liked what I saw, and contacted Coach Rickerman. I started my training with Coach in February of this year (2009). I have come such a tremendous way since I started training with Coach. The workouts are fun and challenging – I look forward to each and every one of them. I have gained strength and speed this year, and am looking forward to running another marathon in January 2010. I have built back much of my speed and strength that I lost during my hiatus from running, and through Coach’s plan, I have done this with NO injuries.

Coach has helped me focus on the “now” of running. I tend to worry too much about the next race, and he has helped me focus on my training each week. By focusing my energy on what my training is for each week, rather than several weeks down the road, my running and frame of mind have improved. He has taken the stress out of my running…I leave the planning up to him, and I just do what he tells me to do! I trust him completely with my training. I highly recommend Coach Rickerman and his 5 Speed Running program!

Posted By: Amy

Returned To Running After Long Hiatus – Intermediate, Lehigh Acres, FL

If you are thinking about starting a program with Coach Rickerman….DO IT!!After a year of 3 surgeries, and lots of physical therapy I started to run (very slowly) again! I set my sights on another marathon goal. I had done 15 marathons prior to this. I started to train with the help of one of those generic programs and I felt it was a bit wrong for me. My running friend told me to look for a coach and this is how I found Coach Rickerman.

He came on board with me about 1 month before the California International Marathon in Sacto. I was very happy to have his help for the last few weeks of training, and with that said I placed 1st in my age group in my 16th marathon after my year of hell!!

I also had Coach train me through the LA marathon of which I placed 3rd.. I am currently on another marathon program for a run for this fall.

I feel that as a runner who is getting up in age should think quality not so much quantity and this is what Coach has done for me!!! Before he started training me I was running way too many miles with my younger friends and not concentrating on the quality of my runs… I still run long with my friends, just not quite as often:)

I will continue with his program and look forward to many successful results!

Posted By: Missy

Threw Out The Generic Training Plans – Marathon,Lake Tahoe,NV

I ran theVenice5K today in 24:42, my best time ever!!!! I shaved off nearly 4 full minutes off my last race. I paced myself at the beginning and did 30 second pickups every 5 mins. I got a little burned out after 2.5 miles but closed it out strong. I know I can keep doing better under your coaching, maybe even get down into the 20s.

Posted By: Armando

Los AngelesPolice Officer – Beginner,Los Angeles,CA

Hi Coach–Well, you’ll be proud–I ran the 5K in 23:48, so that’s a pace of 7:41 according to the race results. i came in 3rd for my age group. Whoo–hoo…That’s a definite PR for me for 5k. Brutally hot conditions though. 97 and high humidity. Not sure if I could keep up that pace for 13.1, but with drier conditions and cooler temps, I guess it’s possible. These are two different races though. I always treat the 5k as more of a sprint. So, off to AZ tomorrow through Fri. I’ll sneak in a run or two while I’m out there, just to get something in. After a long plane ride, I’ll be stiff and antsy. Thanks so much for putting together workouts that are helping me achieve my goals!

Posted By: Jennifer

Maryland Editor – Intermediate, Bel Air, MD

I’ve been training with you for 1 year now and I feel great. steady improvements, and running is fun again. just wanted to say thank you and you are awesome!

Maine Nurse – Beginner, Robin -Hollis,ME

The workouts have been phenomenal….I have droped 12 pounds in weight…and my last 40 minute with (30 second 400 meter sprint pace) at the 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 minute marks have been succesfull. I have consistently done the joggs at 9 minute pace. Which with the sprints, put my last run at

about 8:13 per mile for over 4 miles……Thank you on behalf of myself and my family…moving on to pahse two…I”l keep you posted

Posted By: Tom

Dropped 12 Pounds – Beginner,Memphis,TN

Guess what! Last night I did the 800 meter runs and I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to run 4 laps in 4:30 min. However, I ran them in 3:50! I wasn 9;t meaning to run them faster, I was just running at a steady, comfortable pace. When I first started training with you I was running BARELY 10 minute miles. My speed has improved by almost 2 minutes per mile! I didn’t know I was starting to GET SO RAD. :-)

Posted By: Katie

Improved By Almost 2 Minutes Per Mile – Beginner,Salt Lake City,UT

hi, ken. everything’s going great. i think you’re a great coach. i’m absolutely thrilled with my results.

i do want to get together as soon as possible. my running has improved so much — it’s incredible. i ran 12 miles with a friend last week (in the rain) and she couldn’t believe the improvement. that run used to take me 2:30 — we ran it in just under 2:00.

i ran my five one-mile repeats under 9:00 minutes today. i can’t wait to see what my marathon time is like in february — i know there’s going to be a great improvement. let me know if you can get together next weekend. i also need your phone number, because a fellow triathlete is interested in your services. thanks, ken.

Posted By: C Jane Harmon

Friends Are Impressed – Triathlete,Pasadena,CA

I am sure glad that I got my fitness back. Was worried there for a while. Your work outs for me are the greatest. Could not done it with out you. Next goal is a December 13, 2008 race inSeattle,Washington. A 5k and would like to be in low 20′s or upper 19′s. Look forward for work out schedules.


Posted By: Doug

Got His Fitness Back -Anchorage,AK

I don’t know my official time but my stop watch time was 1:34:25 – how did you know? You predicted 1:35:30. You’re like a soothsayer! I stuck to the plan Exactly as you said and felt unbelievable good and did really well on the last 10k. I ran great. I appreciate your help. You’re the man…What a workout today…I was very nervous leading into today as I knew it would be hard — I did really well today Coach! Felt very strong – The first 5 were a battle but as soon as I got to 6 & 7 I started to feel strong even though I felt the fatigue setting in (I was hyper focused on only giving myself only a minute break). I was impressed with the results and my effort. I know I’ve said this but I really appreciate your help and specificity with each and every workout every week. 2:54/2:55/2:59/3:00/ 3:00/2:57/3:01/2:57/2:59/2:49


Posted By: Hector

New JerseyCorporate Executive – Competitive, River Vale, NJ

I’m so pumped about how I felt—not so much about the time—its decent–but more about how totally easy it felt. Usually I struggle. It was nice!!! I’m very happy with you and my workouts. I can’t wait to continue on this journey. Thank you so much!!! You rule!! And I forgot to tell you–i also lost about 8lbs in the last month. I’m only about 7lbs from pre baby weight and can’t wait to reach that goal too. Thank you. Ok ran like 47 min then did a 5k on the last part of my run in 26:04….jumped in without stopping running for one second. You have me in way better shape. A 26:04 after running 47 min already, with ease, feeling strong, is good for me. You have me feeling stronger for sure.

Posted By: Michelle

New OrleansAttorney – Intermediate,New Orleans,LA

You are making believers out of us everyday a little bit more . 41:03 and 30 even. Thanks for all your help Ken. We’re looking forward to continuing with the Workouts!

Posted By: Christine

New JerseyPharmacist – Intermediate, River Vale, NJ

Dear Coach Rickerman,

This week of training went great. I will be leaving for school next Saturday and I just wanted to take this time and thank you for everything that you have helped me with. From the looks of it I should be running my first race at the Stanford Invitational on September 29. I will let you know how I do. Good luck and again thank you for the help it has really made a difference. Sincerely

Posted By: Alexia

Los AngelesCollegeStudent – Competitive,Los Angeles,CA

Hey Coach, My time for Saturday Mornings 5K was 17:37. It is my new Masters PR and the fastest I have run in several years. My splits were 5:24, 11:18 and 17:06 thru miles 1,2,3. The course was very flat with one small hill and of course down hill. I had a good kick at the end. I ran the last tenth in 31 seconds. All in all it was a fantastic morning. The workouts you have given me have been hard yet manageable. The 5min hard, 5min easy workout was one of the toughest ones I have ever done. It was tough but it also gave me confidence when I raced. I am gearing up for next sat 5k and then I have the 10k at the end of May. Your workouts have made all the difference. Running to ones potential is fun and you have made my training and racing fun again. Thanks,

Posted By: Ronnie

Training And Racing Is Fun Again – Masters,Memphis,TN

Ken Rickerman’s 5 speed running program was the key to making me the best runner possible. My 5000 meter runs averaged 21:15, but with the 5 Speed Running Program I ran a personal best 5000 meters breaking into the 19 minutes as I improved over 8% in less than a year’s time. I also saw a tremendous growth in the muscle mass and tone of my leg muscles, and truly felt that I flew down the street or track during my many 5,000 meter runs. The workouts and runs that once seemed so hard now became much easier and enjoyable.

Ken also tailored the program to my specific needs. I’m a runner with Cerebral Palsy, and Ken designed my running program to best maximize my strengths and develop the muscles in my legs that are weak. He took the time to examine my running style, and worked with me to develop exercises and drills that created a much better overall runner. I took all I learned and practiced and became the class 5 world champion in the 5,000 meters at the 2005 Cerebral Palsy World Championship held inNew London,Connecticut. I attribute much of my success to Ken and his 5 Speed Running Program.

Ken also showed a high degree of personal commitment to my success. During my training for the world championship, I pulled my hamstring terribly. Ken then took the time to alter my workout and program to speed the healing process, while keeping my fitness level high. We were in weekly contact, and in just one month, I went from hardly walking to running a consistently fast 5,000 meter time. I trust Ken completely because of the care he showed me during a very troubling time.

Posted By: Kelly Borchard

Class 5 World Champion – Elite,Los Angeles,CA

This is by far the best training program I’ve ever been on! Coach designs workouts that are both fun and effective. I have seen outstanding results in a very short period of time! I would strongly recommend Coach Rickerman to anyone looking to take their running to the next level.

Posted By: Boo Bryant

FormerHighSchoolStateChampion – Advanced,Dallas, TX

5 Speed is great. I thought my running had topped out and age was getting the best of me. Coach Rickerman’s balance of distance, pace and power has me running faster then I have in years. My endurance has improved with 5 Speed’s better distribution of my volume and my speed is awesome. Track workouts have never been so much fun. Best of all is my pace has increased and I can run farther and faster with less effort. Thanks Coach!

Posted By: Sam Karliner

Defying Age -Marathon,New York, NY

One of my endurance running goals was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. My marathon time had been dropping but I was still coming up short. Coach Ken Rickerman put together a training program for me and I reached my goal with time to spare on my very next marathon.

Coach Rickerman constantly adjusted the training program based on my performance and provided all of the structure I needed to attain my goal. Coach Rickerman was always available via phone and email and answered all of my questions very quickly. The online training program was very easy to use. I will definitely be using Coach Rickerman and his training programs for my upcoming races.

Posted By: Eric Pampel

Qualified For Boston – Marathon, Chi

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